Contributing code to midish

Using CVS

Midish sources are kept in a cvs repository, if you're making local changes to midish, cvs could help you update your copy, it never blows up your changes, rather it merges them in. Refer to guides to cvs on the web for more details.

To retrieve midish sources the following could be used:

export CVS_RSH=ssh
cd /foo/bar
cvs checkout -P midish

then, each time you want to synchronize your copy you can run:

cd /foo/bar/midish
cvs update -Pd

for instance to create a diff for the track.c file you modified:

cd /foo/bar/midish
cvs diff -up track.c >mydiff.diff

Modifying the sources

If you fixed a bug, you developed a new feature or changed an existing one, you may want your changes to be integrated in the main repository (so they are shared and maintained across future releases), then please take note of the following:

Submitting changes

Please send your changes by e-mail either to the mailing list or to as an unified diff in the e-mail body. Be careful about mailers mungling diffs, if unsure attach the diff.


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