Midish — command-line MIDI sequencer and filter for BSD and Linux

What is midish?

Midish is an open-source MIDI sequencer/filter for Unix-like operating systems. Implemented as a simple command-line interpreter (like a shell) it's intended to be lightweight, fast and reliable for real-time performance.

Important features:

Midish is open-source software distributed under a BSD-style license (compatible with GPL).


A complete user manual is available in the source tar-ball.

There is also a mailing-list about midish (archives are here); feel free to send your questions, bug reports and feedback to:



Refer to the documentation for the installation procedure.

Source tar-balls:

Using CVS:

cvs -d anoncvs@moule.caoua.org:/midish checkout -P midish


Software is provided for free but its development costs money (hardware, bills, coffee, etc...). So any donation is welcome:

Music samples

The provided MP3s are produced on low-end PC running OpenBSD, a Roland XV-2020 MIDI sound module and a MIDI keyboard:


Contributions to midish are welcome, see these coding notes for more details.

Copyright © 2003-2013 Alexandre Ratchov <alex@caoua.org>
Last updated: sep 12, 2013